According to GoBankingRate’s 2019 annual survey, almost 70% of households have less than $1000 saved for an emergency. According to our data, average rent and utilities in our service area is about $1,100.

What do people do when a sudden job loss, decrease of hours, or medical crisis strikes? At Matthews HELP Center, we are here to help.

We offer an array of services to help our neighbors weather the storm. Our Supplemental Staples Program provides 3 days' worth of groceries, interview clothes can be purchased via a voucher at our thrift store, clients can meet one on one with a social worker to discuss their household budget, resources in the community; we can even help to prevent eviction or disconnection of a utility.

For many families, a financial crisis earlier in the year may mean that there are no funds left for school supplies or gifts during the holiday season. Matthews HELP Center partners with Matthews Gives Back and other agencies to assist financially fragile families through these times.

If you need assistance and

  1. have had a recent unforeseen financial crisis and
  2. live within MHC service area zip codes 28079, 28104, 28105, 28226, 28270, 28211 (new service area)

complete the client inquiry form linked in the menu.

Our Services

Food Assistance

Our food assistance program provides groceries and household items to eligible families and individuals residing within our service area.


If there is a need for clothing or household items, clients may be eligible for a voucher to our thrift store.


If transportation is a barrier to getting to a new job or necessary appointments, you may be eligible for transportation assistance.

Matthews Gives Back to School

Matthews HELP Center, in partnership with Matthews Gives Back assists with school supplies for the new school year.

Holiday Support

Matthews HELP Center, in partnership with Matthews Gives Back hosts a holiday shopping experience.

Housing and Utility Assistance

In the event of unforeseen financial crisis that prevents you from being able to pay rent or utilities on time, Matthews HELP Center may be able to assist with some or all of a payment.

Before Your Appointment

Before your appointment make sure you have all the documentation necessary. Due to time constraints arriving unprepared or arriving late for your appointment will result in cancellation of the appointment. Below is a list of documentation needed. Please be advised that having an appointment does not guarantee that Matthews HELP Center will be able to assist you.

  • Client Inquiry Form
  • Client Intake Form (for new clients)
  • Budget Form
  • Current state ID/Driver’s License/Passport
  • Valid social security or Tax ID documentation (showing last 4 digits) for each household member
  • Proof of Income for all household members
  • Current pay stubs for each person working
  • Proof of unemployment, SSI or SSA, VA Pension, Retirement Pension, Disability, and/or income from family/friends are required to present a statement of income support
  • Most recent award letter(s) for SNAP, TANF, or WIC
  • Child Support Documentation
  • Proof of Crisis (Reason for assistance)
  • For Utility Assistance:
    • Utility Bill/Late Notice
  • For Housing Assistance:
    • Lease
    • Late Notice
    • Up-to-Date Ledger from landlord
    • Release of Information
  • *Utility/Housing bills must be in the client’s name

For Landlords

In order to assist your tenant with their past due rent, we will need documentation verifying what is needed to avoid or stop eviction at the time of the appointment. In order to comply with IRS guidelines, a current (dated within current calendar year) W9 tax form is needed from the landlord. As this includes personal information, this document can be emailed, or dropped off directly to Matthews HELP Center. Other documents needed include a lease, late notice, and our Landlord Agreement and Consent form below. Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to the Social Work Department at 704-847-8383.

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