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Hello! Not only am I interested in volunteering and coordinating a food drive, but I received help from MHC last week and had my three sons put on a Christmas list...I felt almost numb at the amount of help and immediate elimination of tremendous over-whelming pressure your help was able to instantly provide. Then you blessed me even more with an unexpected, un-thought of offer to help provide Christmas gifts for my children. I felt bad for accepting the additional charity. It is really hard on my self-worth to be in an "asking" and "taking" position. And even harder to come face-to-face with another person you don't know and have to be transparent with your finances...I completely understand the process to ensure resources aren't abused and allocated to those in most need.

I'm trying to communicate my circumstances right now and how the consequences of my choices have led me to this place makes me feel, and how so extremely grateful I am for people who understand that others sometimes get to this place where I am and they make it one of their life's missions and priorities to, not only think about people like me, but to actively do something to "lessen the burden" (which I believe I saw in your mission statement). To wipe out poverty is a historically impossible thing to do...but to lessen the burden, everyone at the MHC and affiliate do.

Thank you does not even begin to express the gratitude. Thank you so very much for your help and commitment to serve people like me. God bless you.

From Family 192

To everyone who gave us these precious and loving gifts: You made us so happy. Thank you so much. You are really a blessing. May God bless you and your family. I wish you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

From the Children of Family 192

Child #1: Thank you for the toy trains and all my other toys and my clothes. P.S. My mom told us to thank you VERY much!

Child #2: Thank you for all my dinosaurs and other toys and clothes. I'm so happy and you are so nice. My mom told us you are an angel because you are nice to us. Thank you very much!

A single mother of five children, all under the age of 12, returned home from surgery to discover that all her belongings and place to live were gone.  Her storage unit was not paid while during her hospital stay and her roommate determined the situation had become far too complicated and is no longer willing to be a part of the solution.  Though she won the battle with cancer, her situation was despairing.  Family and friends were no longer able to help.  For days at a time, she and her children existed in her car along with everything they own. 

In two weeks or less, an apartment will be ready for this family to call home, thanks to the efforts of another organization.  But as the temperatures dropped, it became increasingly more difficult to sleep in their car.  Out of shear desperation, this mother came to Matthews HELP Center.  She left with a hotel payment to provide a warm, safe place to shower and sleep.  She left with food that can be prepared in a hotel microwave to fill the hungry stomachs of her children and dishes in which to eat the food.  She left with a comforter to keep her children extra warm at night.

Through a river of tears, this mother expressed her gratitude to Matthews HELP Center for the encouragement to continue her fight to keep her family intact.  That day, this mother was reminded that she does not battle alone.


The mission of Matthews HELP Center is to help our neighbors and those in surrounding communities survive financial crisis by providing short-term assistance.