How To Help

Holiday Support Program

It's that time of year! Happy Holidays are just around the corner! Matthews HELP Center strives to assist every member of the family during crisis

We are excited to share that we will host a shopping experience for families this year that both empowers and teaches them. Our social work team has the privilege of meeting with neighbors to complete budgets, provide guidance on adjustments that can be made and so much more. As a result of this meeting, neighbors can qualify to shop in our Holiday Store. We provide an easy shopping experience with a voucher, an opportunity to budget for these expenses resulting in gifts for their children.

Matthews Help Center will be accepting donations of various, toys, stocking stuffers, gift cards and other items, for ages 0 to 18. All of your donated items will be made available to qualified clients. Because we want to be good stewards of your donations we will sell donated items that are not selected by clients. The proceeds will be used to pay for food, shelter, clothing and transportation for other qualified clients in crisis. This way all donations will make a difference in our community!

Please let us know by December 8th if you would like to participate and we will send a suggested gift guide and drop off date for toy donations. Phone: (704) 847-8383 x 298


The mission of Matthews HELP Center is to help our neighbors and those in surrounding communities survive financial crisis by providing short-term assistance.